Person who delivers a consignment to a carrier for transporting it to a consignee named in the transportation documents.


Person named by the sender/consignor in the transportation documents (such as an air waybill or bill of lading) as the party to whose consignment will be delivered at the airport/port of destination.

Personal Effects

The conditions of service are that you are sending your personal effects only. Under no circumstance, must you pack any item that has a commercial value or anything that is considered a prohibited item.

Value for Insurance

The value you enter here should represent the total replacement value of your used personal effects you have detailed in the contents field. 

Declared Value for Customs

The value you enter here can represent the depreciated value of your personal effects (not to be confused with the replacement value for insurance purposes). The Declared Value for Customs will serve as the basis for the calculation of any potential duties and taxes as determined by customs at final destination. Please be aware that country specific duties & taxes may be applicable if thresholds are exceeded. For more customs information click here.

How to Complete Your Contents Information

It is a Customs requirement that when transporting your personal effects you detail the contents of your luggage. Doing this accurately reduces the customs clearance time. You need to detail the main items of the contents.

E.G. 1 If sending a suitcase for example, the detail required in these fields would be : Trousers x 2, shirts x 4, shorts x 2, wash-bag x 1, hairdryer x 1, socks & underwear

Note: Please remember that perfumes and aerosols are flammable items and considered dangerous goods and as such should not be packed. E.G.2 If you were sending your golf clubs, the detail required would be : Clubs x 14, Shoes x 1, assorted accessories.

Chargeable Weight

Chargeable weight is calculated based on the greater of gross weight or volume weight. Watch video now.

Volume Weight

Volume weight is calculated based on a cargo's size, measurement or dimensions and with the use of the following formula. Using the Metric System: L x W x H in centimetres (cm.) / 6,000 = vw (in kgs.)

Note: Inbound service and Delivery to Door services: L x W x H in centimetres (cm.) / 5,000 = vw (in kgs.)

Gross Weight

Gross weight is the figure that is indicated outright on a cargo weighing scale.

Cubic Meter (CBM)

Cubic meter is 100cm x 100cm x 100cm (HxWxD) Using the Metric System: L x W x H in centimetres (cm.) / 6,000 = vw (in kgs.) / 167 = CBM. 

Minimum Freight Charge

All shipments are subject to a minimum freight charge. Once the shipment's chargeable weight exceeds the minimum freight charge the rate per kilogram will apply.

Airline Excess Baggage

1.5% of the full economy class adult fare per kilogram; taken on board as 'excess baggage'.

Unaccompanied Baggage

75% of the IATA cargo rate. Must be sent as cargo prior to departure. Must have a valid ticket. Subject to space availability.

Destination Terminal Fees

Airport or Port terminal fees payable upon arrival. These charges are determined by the Airport or Port authority at country of final destination and payable prior to the release of your shipment.

Pre Alert

Pre-Alert and all attachments shall be sent by email on or before the flight, sailing or departure date. It will include:

  • Airline/Vessel and Flight/Voyage numbers
  • House and Master air waybill numbers actual date of departure
  • Actual date of departure
  • Estimated date of arrival at destination Airport/Port
  • International cargo location and contact information
  • Step- by-Step destination guide
  • Track and Trace