Kim, inbound from Naples said...

Many thanks, I am delighted to advise that your very efficient Operations Dept arranged for the delivery of my package yesterday afternoon….and all in good order, I should add. I couldn't be more happy with the service of World Baggage and would happily use you again, and recommend you to others. Cheers!

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Abi, Italy said...

A big thank you to World Baggage! The box arrived on Friday. I will use you again when the need arises. Thank you very much, Ciao!

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J of Paris, France said...

The box arrived safely yesterday after it's circuit around CDG, was a pleasure doing business with you guys, thanks :)

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Shipping to Australia

Shipping Your Personal & Household Effects to Australia

World Baggage can provide you with inbound courier service (Door to Door delivery) from any worldwide location, to anywhere in Australia, just contact us for a quick, obligation-free quote. 

Please note all importing information contained herein should be used as a guide only. All owners of goods should make their own enquiries with the relevant authorities either in person or via websites to satisfy themselves they are not contravening Australian Law.

Australian Customs Information

Used personal effects, household goods and unaccompanied baggage consignments may be imported to Australia free of Custom duties and tax, providing they have been owned and used for a period of at least twelve months prior to their departure for Australia.

Items you want to ship to Australia, which do not fall within this category, i.e. those items which have been owned and used for less than twelve months, will be subject to duty and tax.

The rates of duty vary widely depending on the nature of the items concerned. Customs will usually request purchase receipts, invoices and the like so as to verify these values. You should always ensure that these are readily available to avoid any delays during the Customs process. Restricted or prohibited items must be declared to Customs at the time of entry. These include drugs of dependence such as narcotics, hallucinogens, amphetamines, barbiturates and tranquillisers, all which must be declared on import. Certain drugs are allowed into Australia but entry is subject to very strict Customs control.

Dangerous weapons including antique weapons and collectors' items and all firearms are subject to restrictions of importation and will all be subject to safety checks upon their arrival. Owners of such items will also be required to hold the appropriate shooter's license issued by the local police department prior to the items being released. Certain types of weapons such as spring loaded knives, daggers, swordsticks, and blowpipes, knuckledusters and unsafe firearms are prohibited. Goods manufactured from animal products derived from endangered species are also prohibited. Provided you have permanent residency or you are a returning Australian or a New Zealand passport holder, you can import your personal effects duty and tax free as long as you have owned and used them for more than one year prior to your departure for Australia. There is no duty free or tax free allowance for alcohol with unaccompanied effects even if wine is part of a cellar collection.

To clear your goods through Australian Customs you will need to complete an Unaccompanied Effects Statement (customs form B534) and provide a photocopy of all stamped pages of your passport.

For more detailed Customs information please visit www.customs.gov.au.

Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS)

Australia's unique environment and important agricultural industries are free from many pests and diseases found in other parts of the world - but the movement of personal effects is one way these could be introduced.

For example, outdoor furniture could harbour timber pests or be contaminated with soil or exotic weed seeds, while animal products such as meat, eggs, milk or cheese could contain diseases that could be transmitted to humans and other animals. AQIS - the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service - works to protect Australia's natural and economic assets from these risks while facilitating the international movement of people and goods. The Australian Government offer AQIS services on a "fee for service" basis.

Because of these risks clients must declare on their Unaccompanied Effects Statement (B534) to AQIS of specific items in their consignments. AQIS will undertake an inspection of goods, order treatment of items that could contain pests or diseases, or seize and destroy prohibited items. Clients may also choose to re-export items of value.

Common items of quarantine concern include:
Wooden items; food; soil on garden tools; bicycles; lawn mowers; vacuum cleaners with un-emptied dust bags; carpets; Christmas decorations; dried flowers; seeds; straws; skins; feathers; equipment used with horses or other animals; toys containing cotton waste, sand, straw or water.

Any of these items may be ordered for specific treatments including high pressure steam cleaning, standard fumigation, ETO fumigation, heat treatment or gamma radiation. All treatments are subject to additional costs.

For more detailed AQIS information please visit www.aqis.gov.au.