Please check that your contents can be shipped before creating your booking.

Items that are strictly Prohibited are listed as such and CANNOT be sent through our services. World Baggage has a checkbox that must be ticked to state the consignment does not contain any Prohibited items & Terms and Conditions have been read before an order can be completed. 

Prohibited items could be subject to non-collection, delay or return.

If a Prohibited item is collected and then later returned, no refund of carriage will be given and return charges may be applicable. World Baggage operates an automated booking service. If you chose to purchase additional Insurance on a Prohibited item the cover is invalidated. In the event of damage, a Prohibited item may be discarded depending on the condition of the parcel. No claim for loss or damage can be made on a Prohibited item. In addition, the sender will be liable for any damages caused in transit to other shipments or property resulting from sending a Prohibited item. 

Prohibited Items means items that must not be sent using our Services, including dangerous, hazardous, illegal, or prohibited items. Any of these items being sent may result in prosecution, heavy fines, and imprisonment.

The following items are NOT acceptable for transport UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES

 Alcoholic beverages

  • Beer, Wine, Spirits

 Animals, animal products, animal skins

  • Fur(s), ivory, endangered animal products

 Antiques, fine art or works of art


 Collectibles and/or irreplaceable items

  • Any item worth more than its original purchase price or that is not commonly available

 Currency or negotiable instruments

 Dangerous goods, hazardous or combustible materials

  • Aerosols & perfumes
  • Flammable liquids, nail polish, petrol, lighter fluid, flammable solids, non-safety matches
  • Gases, mace, camping gas, oxidizers, bleach, poisons, pesticides, corrosives, car batteries, lithium batteries, mercury

 Drugs / Narcotics (illegal) and pharmaceutical products


  • Detonators, fuses, grenades, mines and explosives, fireworks & flares
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition

 Human remains (including ashes

 Industrial diamonds or carbons

 Medical samples

  • Diagnostic specimens, blood, urine, bodily fluids, tissue samples

 Perishable items

  • Flowers, dry ice, foodstuffs, items requiring temperature control or special handling, plants

 Plant products and plants

  • Cotton, seeds, teas, tobacco


 Precious & semi precious stones (including jewellery

 Watches & costume jewellery

This list is provided for guidance only and does not represent a fully comprehensive list of prohibited items. We strongly suggest that you check with the customs authorities of your visiting countries if you are in any doubt. If prohibited goods are packed in your luggage, World Baggage will not be held responsible for any delay, loss or damage to your unaccompanied baggage.